µPeek – The Pocket Microscope

For many people, hands-on experience with the field of microscopy is limited to classrooms at their elementary or high schools, and for very few is a microscope part of everyday life. Scrona, a tech company based in Zurich, Switzerland, is aiming to change that with µPeek, a microscope that fits into your pocket, and can be taken anywhere, by anyone. Currently running a Kickstarter program for µPeek, Scrona has big goals for their product.

µPeek adheres to the back of your smartphone, and connects to it via Bluetooth technology, allowing users to instantly access the pictures they take with their microscopes, and share them via text, e-mail or social media. You can use traditional microscope slides, or just put the µPeek up against the item in question and take a picture as if you’re using your smartphone’s camera.

The size and portability of µPeek means that the ability to see the microscopic world will be available to anyone who purchases one. Not much bigger than a credit card, µPeek provides users with the ability to use professional, laboratory-quality microscopes, without having to be in a lab or have any advanced scientific knowledge at all.

Scrona officials state that “µPeek’s innovative illumination design allows performing several distinctive modes of microscopy. Besides standard bright-field microscopy, µPeek handles dark-field and fluorescence (only µPeek Blue) microscopy, as well as polarized illumination.”

µPeek is truly the microscope for everyone, and with an estimated price tag of just $159, it’s going to change the way people think about the microscopic world.

 $159   Check it out

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 $159   Check it out