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Archive for: April, 2015

Paper Lamp Shades

These origami paper lamp shades by TWRe-Born bring colorful geometric shapes to your ceilings. The are available in a large range of colors, from pastels to darker tones and brights. The paper lamp shades are folded with thick paper that would look best paired with cloth cord. TWRe-born’s paper lampshades are on the smaller size 10.53″x 9.75″)

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Hanger Chair by Umbra Shift

 The trials of apartment living. When you live in a 400 sq ft box, visitors end up perched on the edge of tables, foot cushions and window ledges. Montreal designer Philippe Malouin, put on his Swedish furniture store thinking cap, and has created a chair that mimics the coathanger.  The hanger chair will seat guests

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With the advent of super efficient LEDs, the flashlight handle is a relic from yesteryear. No longer required to house giant batteries, VSSL have figured out a way to fill the empty space. The VSSL Flask light will emit 20hrs of light while in super bright mode, or 40 hours in dim or SOS mode,

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SpreadTHAT! Bread and butterknife

Combing super efficient heat conducting properties with ‘cutting’ edge design, SpreadTHAT! warms up in seconds after being picked up. It works by spreading the heat from your hand along it’s blade, making spreading cold refrigerated butter a breeze. No batteries, and dishwasher safe, this redesign of the butterknife will cut through butter like.. a hot

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Sweeper and Funnel by MENU

Simple minimal design that works hard. It seems the Scandinavians can do no wrong when it comes to engineering thought provoking, clean design. This two piece dustpan elegantly forms harmony as one piece as the handle of the sweeper slides inline within the handle of the funnel. The funnel itself collects and then directs it’s

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macbook pro stickers

MacBook Pro stickers are usually hilarious, but FindFun’s macbook stickers are designed to make your MacBook fit in with your own personal style. FindFun’s range varies, from Cath Kidston wallpaper to watercolour camouflage vinyls. These decals cover the macbooks entire unibody, including the keyboard and can be removed fairly easily without leaving residue. Their decal

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