12 of the best bike storage ideas to hold onto your ride.

Bike storage solution ideas that’ll show off your bike, while keeping them out of the way. Try storing your ride with this list of the best designer bike racks and stands.

Bicycle shelf holder handmade

1.  The bike storage shelf

You love your bike but hate when you keep tripping over it when navigating the narrow confines of your tiny dwelling. This shelf takes away all the headache of storing the bike. It is just like the ordinary shelf but with a twist. The shelf has two platforms separated by a narrow space. The bike’s rail goes into this narrow gap and hangs there. You can place other items like books on the top platform. This shelf is easy to install as it comes with a set of screws.

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Minimal Wall mounted bicycle peg holders

2. Minimal bike pegs

There is wonder in simplicity. These pegs from Fluoshop are a dream if you are into the minimalist design. The pegs are two simple oak sturdy sticks that protrude from the wall such that your bike rail can rest on them, hanging it.  The pegs can pretty much fit on any wall as they protrude far enough to place the bike even on rough walls. The pegs are made of fine oak which looks very good as the grains make unique patterns. These pegs are ideal for hanging a light sports bike. Your guests will be wowed as they see your hanging from the wall before they see the pegs in place.




Space saving bicycle rack

3. Low profile bike hooks

Hanging your bike on the wall is not only shouts your responsible citizenship bragging rights, it is also practical. These aluminum pegs boast of high-quality German engineering by Alexa Lethen in her Hamburg studio.  The two pegs attach to a wall such that the bike’s rail rests on them. They come in different colors; all black, white celeste, and black vintage, black gray, all white and vintage white. The end of the hooks curve upwards such that bike will not slide off.

Low Profile bike hooks

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wooden bicycle rack show off mount

4. Handcrafted wooden bicycle rack

What says you’ve got taste better than beautiful handcrafted woodwork?  This wooden rack is made from the finest oak and birch. The iceberg bike rack is interesting to view from all angles. The rack can be attached to the wall using 3 screws. It can be attached to concrete, plasterboard and even wooden walls. The plates that attach on the wall are made of birch.  There is a crosscut oak stub into which the bike’s rail fits.  This bike rack comes in two different tones; brown oak and chestnut, and cold black oak and chestnut burl.  It is lightweight and sturdy weighing only 4.5 kgs.




movable dual bike rack

5. Dual Bike gravity rack

What is better than one bike? Another bike. But if storing one is a headache, two will be simply inconvenient to store in a small apartment. The Delta gravity bike rack can hold two bikes in place. It can hold a maximum of 35 kgs (80 lbs.). The stand does not need holes in the wall to drill, or other complicated setups. It simply leans on the wall. You can set it up under 10 minutes.  It has rubber bumpers that protect the wall from scratching and scuff marks. The arms can be easily adjusted to fit the dimensions of different bikes.  The stand comes in powdery silver.

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multipurpose vertical bicycle storage solution

6. Ippinka Bike hook

If you are a fan of scandinavian design, this is a dream product. This bike hook attaches to a wall and has a peg like a cross. You simply hook a bike’s wheel spokes. You have the option of installing a protective plate to prevent your wall getting tire and dirt marks. It can hold a maximum of 25 kgs (50lbs). 


The good thing is that the Ippinka can serve as a multipurpose hook for your bag or coat. There is a hook where you can hang your scarves or bag. The metal arm can be inserted either from the left or right. It will easily attach to any wall surface. The small profile of the hook makes it unobtrusive which works very well for tiny apartments.

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Light up bike storage - hang your bike like a piece of art.

7. Saris Show-Off bicycle art rack

Yap, what better way to show off than with a Show-Off? Made by Saris This bike rack is made of beech and soft cork. It attaches to the wall and cradles the bike’s rail. To give your wonderful bike maximum attention, the rack has an LED lamp that shines a soft light on your bike. It comes with a remote control for manipulating the LED. The Show Off can hold up to 30lbs. it is made 100% recycled rust proof material. The Show Off is designed and made in the USA though it uses high quality European beech wood.

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Lockable bike storage rack

8. Solo – Lockable bike storage

Depending on how much space you have to store your ride the Cycloc Solo bike hook allows you to hang your bike vertically or horizontally. Two grooves in opposing directions hold the bike so it cannot tip over to one side.  Rubberized contact points protect your bike’s frame. You can also lock the bike in place preventing it from sliding forward or backwards when you hang it at an angle.  You can opt for a spacer to accommodate a wider rail. The Solo is available in 7 colors. The Solo is made in the UK by biking products maker Cycloc. It has won several design awards and has been described as a revolutionary product due to its minimalist design.



Wooden indoor bicycle storage idea

9. Ono

The word Ono comes from the Japanese word for axe, but you won’t have to cut any trees down. This all-wood bike wall mount will suit homes accented by wood furnishings. Handcrafted by the Amish in Wisconsin, It is made from sturdy red oak. The wall mount is spacious enough for a few other items such as books. It can take weight loads of 35 lbs. making it ideal for hanging others things apart from your bike. The look is unique as the wood grains stand out. Each mount has unique patterns and no two wall mounts are similar. The finishing is done with W.D. Lockwood dye, beeswax, linseed, and shellac.  You can apply a coat of polymerized varnish to maintain the gloss look. This wall mount comes in two colors; black and light tan. 



office bicycle storage idea

10. Lay flat vertical bike hanger

A perfect storage solution for both the office and home The Endo is a foldable design which makes it only 3.2 cm when flat folded. It has rubber contact pads for both front and back wheels so that the entire bike can hang off the floor without leaving tread marks and dirt on the wall.  It has a hollow hinge which can take the conventional bike lock.  It is available in 7 colors. This is also another excellent product from Cycloc. The Endo has also won awards for design and innovation including the Eurobike and FX interior Design awards.



Hoist lifting bicycle to ceiling.

11. RAD bike hoist

Your bike can share storage space with a few clothes and other random items using this bike hoist. It can take a maximum of 100 lbs. which is good for 3 bikes. The hooks are rubber coated to prevent scratches on your bike. It can be mounted on high ceiling up to 12 feet high. There is a safe lock mechanism that prevents accidental release. The pulley and latch systems make it easier to lift the bike. The rope used is thick and strong enabling the RAD to take several bikes at a go.



Bike storage display shelf

12. Bike shoe Rack

While exercising on a bike is good for your brains, exercising your brain with books should also be a regular thing. With this rack, you can place all the things you love on the same stand. The shoes go to the bottom, the bike at the center and the books take the top. What better way to pronounce to your guests that you are a healthy brainy citizen of the world. This rack is a beauty to look at too. The bike stands upright as it is hooked on one wheel. The bike is proudly displayed for your guests to marvel at your athletic prowess. It is made from fir, coconut fiber and steel. It is perfectly engineered by PostFossil in Switzerland so you can expect quality work. It will do a wonderful job of freeing up space in your humble abode.



….Did we catch them all? If you know the best bicycle storage solution for your home or office and we missed it let us know!

While we like to think that we listed the best indoor bike racks, we love hearing of other products. If you know of a better way to store your bike, get in touch so we can update the list.

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