Fluxo – A smart bluetooth lightbulb


Imagine the ability to paint light directly onto the walls of your home. Controlling the brightness, color, and direction of your home’s lighting, all from the palm of your hand. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, meet Fluxo.

Calling itself “the world’s smartest lamp,” Fluxo provides almost infinite lighting possibilities from just one pendant lamp and a simple, free smartphone app.

Featuring over 300 white and colored LED’s, Fluxo owners can create the right lighting environment for any situation. Built without any moving parts and within a sleek design that ensures glare reduction, the LED’s can create an incredible array of lighting possibilities. By simply “painting” the light color and direction using gestures within the app, users can customize the light to suit their activities in any room.

Fluxo also learns user behavior, and will guess the appropriate lighting for any given time of day based on what users typically program it to do. It’s easy to save any number of light scenes for each room that can be used based on the appropriate mood or ambience required by the user.

Created by startup Luke Roberts, based in Vienna, Austria, the Fluxo Kickstarter program has more than tripled its €50,000 goal in just a few days.

Lukas Pilat, one of the cofounders of Luke Roberts, talks about the importance of what Fluxo will bring to users’ lives.

Lighting has a huge impact on our wellbeing and productivity, so making this part of our lives even more seamless is very important. The Fluxo lamp does just that by actively learning from the user’s behavior, making a standard on/off light switch all but obsolete.

Backers of the Kickstarter program should be able to expect their Fluxo deliveries by August, 2016, should tooling, certification and production go according to plan.


RRP $750

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 $750   Check it out