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Audio Jack Splitter

The Elago keyring audio jack splitter takes the signal from a standard 3.5mm audio jack and splits it, allowing the music to be routed through to two sets of headphones. The saying goes ‘sharing is caring’ but the majority of audio splitters simply lack the portability of this keyring splitter. Weighing in at 8 grams

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Prep Pad is a smart food scale that connects your kitchen and your eating habits intelligently to your apple devices and fitness trackers.  By combining a food weight scale with the power of the app store, Prep Pad graphically displays your food’s nutritional value, and provides clever insights into what you should be eating to

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Being as connected as we are, the night time ritual of plugging in your phone seems like the only sure way to make sure you get enough charge to get you through the day. If forgotten, watching your battery drain away can be like eating your last meal before heading to the gallows. This is

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SpreadTHAT! Bread and butterknife

Combing super efficient heat conducting properties with ‘cutting’ edge design, SpreadTHAT! warms up in seconds after being picked up. It works by spreading the heat from your hand along it’s blade, making spreading cold refrigerated butter a breeze. No batteries, and dishwasher safe, this redesign of the butterknife will cut through butter like.. a hot

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macbook pro stickers

MacBook Pro stickers are usually hilarious, but FindFun’s macbook stickers are designed to make your MacBook fit in with your own personal style. FindFun’s range varies, from Cath Kidston wallpaper to watercolour camouflage vinyls. These decals cover the macbooks entire unibody, including the keyboard and can be removed fairly easily without leaving residue. Their decal

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macbook cord organizer

Powerplay is a macbook cord organizer designed to keep your cables tucked away even while in use. Handmade by, the organizer is made up of an elastic strap and organic leather reel. Simply fit the elastic strap around your adapter, shape your cable into a U-shape to avoid strain on the charger, then wrap

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