Illustrated Playing Cards by ‘playing arts

These illustrated playing cards bring the talents of 55 artists and designers together into one rather eclectic, yet incredible art project.  The project’s unique take on the standard themed deck is they have allowed each artist to have completely free reign over their design, creating art that expresses their own style and technique. And the results are spectacular.

No two cards are identical, unless of course you flip the card over to see the playing card’s back design, where the artwork of Evgeny Kiselev simply shines. The cards initially shipped as 100% plastic, but are now available in USPC’s bicycle air cushion finish for a cool $15.

Created by digitalabstracts, the project was so well received they now sell a second equally unique deck. For the full collection of illustrated playing cards and the artist process interviews visit Playing Arts.

 $15   Check it out

illustrated-cards-jacks illustrated-cards-joker illustrated-playing-cards-aces illustrated-playing-cards-eight-and-nine Illustrated-playing-cards-eight-and-ten illustrated-playing-cards-fives illustrated-playing-cards-two-and-three illustrated-playing-cards-two-pair