Flyte Levitating bulb

Flyte – the levitating lightbulb


Floating freely above it’s wooden base, the Flyte levitating light hovers as though by magic. Seemingly defying Isaac Newton’s law of universal gravitation, flyte is actually following all the rules. In this science and art mashup, flyte takes full advantage of Tesla’s ‘magic bag of tricks’. [box type=”blank”  class=”border-dashed2″] How it…


Snap Legs – Make a table from anything


Looking for a table that fits wherever you want it? Snap let’s you turn any relatively flat surface into a free standing table. A colourful modular system that is as easy to pull apart as it is to put together. When it’s set up it can bear a load of…


Leaning loop – entry hall organizer.


With only two legs, this hardwood upright organizer is designed to lean. A perfect storage idea for an entranceway the leaning loop has you covered for your coats, keys, gadgets, and shoes. At eye level, the magnetic header is a great place to write or pin To Dos, reminders, and…

plank floating shelf

Plank Floating Shelf – magnetic keyhang


‘Plank’ is a minimal floating wall shelf designed to live in the entranceway of your home, safeguarding your phone, wallet and keys. The floating shelf cleverly hides a magnetic strip on it’s underside, allowing keys to ‘hang’ in place without hooks. The floating shelf comes with everything you need to…

Invisible Shelf

Invisible Shelf – seen & unseen.


Hidden behind your favorite novels, the invisible shelf the eschews the traditional ‘actually there’ shelf for a pared down look that lets your books seemingly float in mid-air. With a powdercoated finish the actual shelves themselves are easy to install. Once set up, the invisible shelves will be one product you love…

Hanger Chair by Umbra Shift

Hanger Chair


 The trials of apartment living. When you live in a 400 sq ft box, visitors end up perched on the edge of tables, foot cushions and window ledges. Montreal designer Philippe Malouin, put on his Swedish furniture store thinking cap, and has created a chair that mimics the coathanger.  The…

Geometric glass terrarium

Geometric glass terrarium


These pyramidal geometric glass terrarium sculptures are the work of Matthew Cleland, a self described hermit who works out of his studio Score+Solder in British Columbia. These metal and glass sculptures make bold striking homes for cacti, succulents, and air plants, that would look good in the home or workplace…

fish tank herb garden

Fish tank herb garden by AquaFarm


AquaFarm lets you create your very own ecosystem, with your very own fish tank herb garden. Aquaponics, the science behind the water garden, is the relationship between aquaculture ( fish cultivation) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil), it allows good bacteria to convert toxic ammonia-rich fish poop into nitrates, which…


Thin Black Table by Nendo


Seemingly suspended in air, the ‘thin black table’ mimics an artists sketchpad. Initially launched as part of the ‘thin black lines’ collection as part of the 2010 London design festival, this piece has been shrunk down from it’s original yet impractical gallery size, for the home. The thin black table’s offset…


Eames plastic side chair


The chair also comes in two upholstered versions, full and seat cover, which means you can tailor the chairs for different settings; Kitchen & patio or dining & living. Surprisingly the original chair was designed as part of a lowcost design competition, but being such a classic it now pushes…