9 fidget toys for anxiety that won’t stress you out.

This is our roundup of the top sensory fidget toys to ease your anxiety you can buy right now! Direct your stress straight out through your hands. Using attention directing techniques to control the senses, you can boost your creativity and focus by fiddling with the following trinkets. It’s working to improve creativity and productivity at your desk. Here is our list of top fidget toys for home and office use.

Fidget Spinner and fidget toy case

1. Torqbar fidget spinner

At the top of the fidget toy list the Torqbar comes in at number 1. Finger spinners are rated on weight, spin time and aesthetics, and the Torqbar Spinner ticks every box. The rave reviews, and hashtags on Instagram and Twitter just took this toy to the top since its launch in 2015. Making the Torqbar Spinner the crowd favourite. Meticulously made, solid and designed to withstand the occassional drop and office trauma with dust-proof bearings.

Of all the fidget spinners, the Torqbar leans to the smaller end of the scale, and is non-obtrusive when used in public.  The Torqbar has long and smooth spin time. It does give off a soft high pitched whirr that matches it’s solid machined body, so if your looking for a quiet fidget toy keep scrolling. This fidget toy is however still light in weight and is easy to carry. On the table, it spins like a dream. In your hand, it’s much easier to spin. The Torgbar has comfortable, round edges giving it an easy grip and ability to flick from any position. Spin it and you will feel like this will go on forever with seemingly no deceleration.

$139 – $199 set torqbar fidget toy


Or you can pick up a $25 torqbar fidget clone here

Begleri beads fidget toy

2. Begleri Beads

Time wasted can never be recovered, true? Well, for the times when you find yourself with lots of time on your hands, Begleri beads are all you need. Begleri is a Greek word that means: one thing that you carry and which you think no one else does.  The beads are a form of Greek worry (prayer) beads known as Komboloi. Although fiddling with them won’t answer any prayers! Use them to keep your hands busy or just make time pass by. Komboloi and Begleri are not completely similar. While Komboloi have beads forming a closed circle (fidget jewellery, Begleri beads are threaded on an open string, usually with symmetrically, equal weight at either end.

Typical Begleri beads have a large / weighted bead at either end of a string and are commonly used for tricks (similar to pen tricks). This fidget toy can be flipped or twirled around fingers to perform tricks. From performance based to simple repetitive tricks.  These tricks have continuously evolved that now there are dedicated groups and forums that meet regularly. The play comes with elaborate transitions, rebounds, wraps, rolls, gap transfers and aerials.

Transitions are the flipping movements between grips. Rebounds describe what happens when the moving bead comes into contact with the finger or hand and is bounced back in the opposite direction. Wraps are when you hold one bead and you allow the moving bead to wind around the finger. Rolls happen when both beads are allowed to circle around one or more fingers. Gap transfers involve releasing one bead from a grip then catching the other bead in the same position. Aerials are tricks that involve releasing Begleri from hands and leaving them airborne for a while before resuming play. Whether you want to join a group or just keep your hands busy, doing one or all of these tricks is a sure way to get over boredom and or make friends with other enthusiasts.

$30ish  Begleri Bead fidget toys



ForeverSpin minimal fidget spin top

3. ForeverSpin – a fidget spinner that won’t stop.

With this toy, you will boost creativity and focus (this is not mere hearsay). Research studies have shown that fiddling with items at your desk can aid thought processes and improve productivity. Not just that. They say life is a lifelong process. Foreverspin makes the toys in sets of 5, but you can purchase them individually on Amazon. While not technically in the hand fidget category, the spinning tops balance and precision milled metal finishes slips into the list.

foreverspin spinner

It’s made to last forever. Of all fidget toys, Forever Spin comes with a lifetime warranty. It is designed to be touched and gives you a great experience with every touch. The makers take tactile experience and surface finish very seriously. Possibly the most minimal fidget toy ever made.

$67 – $500 depending on Metal Minimal fidget spin toy



6 in 1 fidget toy

4. FidgetCube – for true fidgeters

Can’t decide which fidget toy to ease your anxiety? Do you like clicking, spinning switching and pressing? Well you now you can have it all, here is one that guarantees to divert your stress.  with multiple fiddle activities this toy comes in eight different colors. Find it in assorted colors such as midnight, graphite, aqua, berry, sunset, retro, and fresh. The choice is yours.


Camouflage edc fidget spinner

With this easy to hold, six-sided device, you get all the fidgeting actions you need, in one easy hold. Click three silenced buttons and three clicker buttons on one side. Glide the joystick on another side. On the third side, flip the pivoting switch. To reduce anxiety like a worry stone, rub the fourth face. Get hold of the gears and ball and roll them on the fifth side. For any remaining stress, spin the radial on the sixth side. In this, you have the perfect solution to fidgeting during boring conference calls, e-mail overloads, and terrible meetings. preorder here

not available yet $22   🙁

For those of you who can’t wait for the kickstarter the Cheap clones are > here <

Red Brass three arm fidget spinner

5. Woodfone Spinner – A red brass fidget toy for beginners

For those that love the weight of brass, the woodfone fidget spinner comes in red brass and boasts three curved arms. Based on the three arms, the spin feels heavier, (the plus) however spin time is decreased (the minus) Although good bearings allow it to still manage a good three minute spin time. It falls among the fidget toys that spin smoothly, without making much noise. A great entry point for new fidgeters, at around $30USD and a design you won’t be embarrassed leaving on your desk.

Victorem red brass fidget spinner product shot

$30 Victorem fidget toys



3d printed Tri spinner

6. 7d Customs – A 3d printed tri-spinner

The 7D Customs Tri-Spinner is individually handmade and quality tested in the USA. If other fidget toys accumulate dirt over time of usage, here is an exception. This toy is fully dirt resistant. It’s perhaps the only fidget toy that comes with a fine rounded texture. The 7D Customs Tri-Spinner comes with a high performance bearing for extremely fast spins that keep the spinner going the better part of three minutes.

$35 7d Customs fidget store



Tabletop coin spinners

7. Astronomer double sided spinning coin

This is a pocket-sized work of art you can carry with you wherever you go. As is the testimony to its name, the ‘double spinning’ coin can be spun on both sides. A different kind of fidget toy that involves less fidgeting and more watching. Up to 10 minutes worth of watching! Spinning tops are called focus direction tools, which means you can bring your focus to the toy, and clear your mind before moving on to the next task. The contact points are made from durable silicon which means you get the smoothest and longest spins possible.

press stud spinning coin designs

The coin is incredibly designed. One of the two sides represents the ‘sun’ while the other has the mark of the ‘moon’. The depiction of the sun is with an elaborate ‘eye’ motif. The other side features all the different stages of the moon. The coin, basically, represents two of the greatest forces exerting influence on humanity. The tension and balance existing between these huge forces are clearly indicated.

The coin designs are hand-drawn and each coin individually pressed. With this, you have a functional piece of art available nowhere else.

$49 Double sided spinning coin



Handmade bike chain keyring fidget toy

8. Bike Chain keyring fidget toy

Of all fidget toys, perhaps, this is the smallest. It is unobtrusive and can easily be concealed in the palm of your hand. The bike chain fidget is made of a combination of bike chains and key rings. Easily push the chain links through the keyrings in a repetitive and calming way. Most variations of these fidget toys are handmade from a real bike chain. Due to it’s small size, the toy is perfect for anyone with ADHD, anxiety, autism or fidgeters that want to keep their condition on the down-low. However, it is not recommended for small children or anyone who fills their mouth with things.

$9 handmade bike chain fidget toy



Magnetic fidget toy - used for stress relief

9. The thinket – A magnetically charged fidget toy

Ever played with magnets and felt the push between the two poles? That’s what the thinket is. Except instead of jamming two magnets together, the toy plays on the edges of the magnet letting you glide a bullet shaped piece of metal from one end of a metal tube to the other. It’s extremely satisfying bounce helps you relax and focus more effectively in diverse situations  while fidgeting with the power of magnets. Made in the USA, the Thinket claims it improves the body and mind connection. Regardless, you get to play with magnets. Get yourself one of these stress-relieving fidget toys. You’ll forever be grateful you did!

$36 – ($175 for pictured)



….Did we catch them all? If you know the best fidget toy for your desk at the office and we missed it let us know!

While we like to think that we listed the best sensory fidget toys for anxiety, we love hearing of other products. If you know of a better sensory toy that stops stress, get in touch so we can update the list.

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