Libratone is a Scandinavian audio company that makes speakers, and not just your regular plastic box speaker that you only buy in black or white. 

The Loop is a stylish free-standing speaker with a portable circular design and with a mere diameter of 13 inches the loop has a surprising range of sound, from passive bass to a bright top end.  Driven by two ribbon style tweeters and subwoofer, the speaker will have no issues filling larger rooms with decent volume as long as you don’t plan on hosting any angry dance raves.

Loop’s ‘play direct’(DLNA) technology allows it to stream internet radio, Spotify and Pandora, and integrates with supporting televisions, and home entertainment systems. The speaker also supports Ad-Hoc Wifi, which means it will run as it’s own wifi hotspot that you can connect to.  The last generation of Loop chose not to include bluetooth in it’s offering, fortunately though Libratone is a progressive company that listened to their customers feedback and Loop now comes with BlueTooth 4.0 as standard, which without would honestly be a deal breaker.

The coloured felts adds a dimension to the speaker not seen by it’s competitor’s offerings. Matching the speaker to your homes aesthetics is as simple as swapping out the Italian wool fleece with another slip color of your choice and with a range of fourteen colours the speaker will suit any space. 












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