This staple free stapler can staple up to ten standard pages without ever bothering you for a refill again. (80gsm) Which is good, because unless you are an avid stapling fiend, most people find that when you need to staple something the most, the more likely it is that your stapler is empty. And when not securely attached to your documents, loose staples have a way of hiding in carpet and at the back of drawers waiting to draw blood from their next unsuspecting victim (you).

Looking more like a humpback whale than stationary, the staple less design works by slicing lines into your documents, allowing the freshly cut dog tags to fold back and thread through the alternating cut.. okay it’s a little hard to explain, watch the overproduced japanese video to see how it works!  which only leaves the question. If a staple free stapler doesn’t use staples is it really a stapler?

  $12  Check it out




$12  Check it out

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