We live in a digital age now where good penmanship is dead, and touch typing is in. Now choosing your handwriting consists of scrolling through a bunch of truetype fonts listed alphabetically in a dropdown box. There’s no stopping it, but now there is a way you can save your own handwriting as a font, and preserve it for generations to come. MyScriptFont is an online tool that turns your writing into a vector based font that you can download for free. The process only takes about 10 minutes, however you will need the use of a scanner and printer. Once complete your new digital script is yours to keep. Make some ‘handwritten’ invitations, impress your workmates, and if it’s pretty enough maybe share it with the design community.

If you feel you want some step by step instructions, check out this tutorial by craft blogger Christine.

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handwriting font example handwriting font on computer


handwriting template

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