The Penxo lead pencil is a sleek minimal design that reimagines the conventional mechanical pencil as we know it.  With no moving parts, Penxo’s brushed metal design clamps around the point of a 2mm lead by creating pivotal tension, which secures the lead preventing it from sliding out. Lead can be released quickly by simply pushing the thumb between the lead window gap.

By simplifying the mechanical pen down to it’s core elements and function,

  • Elimates finicky mechanical parts
  • allows lead usage monitoring
  • provides clear view of lead hardness labelling
  • gives easy  access for lead replacement
  • quickly changes variable lead length

Already picking up the top red dot award for groundbreaking product design, Californian designer Brian Tong TAK saw the value of the traditional pencil in the designer’s toolkit and set out to pay homage updating it’s form while staying true to the principles of design.

the one tool that I come back to the most is the pencil. It is undisputedly one of the best tools for a designer.

With that in mind, I spent countless hours designing and refining the Penxo, hoping to inject some modernity while remaining true to its traditional form.

Penxo has been precision milled from the same aluminium material found in aircraft fuselage. The material was chosen for it’s  durability and flexing properties. This allows the pencil to protect it’s 2mm lead cargo while still remaining lightweight.

Already passing it’s production goal, on kickstarter, Penxo pencil is available for $29 later retailing at $35

The 5.38” brushed aluminium pencil is available in four colors, 

Rebel silver
Darth Black
Galactic Gold
Stealth Gray





penxo-mechanical-pencilpenxo-sketchup penxo-side-view   penxo-lead-pencil








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