cool magnetic phone stand by Stikey

This cool kick-stand for your phone uses neodymium magnets to let you attach it to any flat surface. 

The design uses a wafer thin stainless steel tab (.8mm) that you attach to your phone with 3M’s incredibly strong VHB tape (The same tape is used to secure go pros to skydiving helmets). Once taped on, the neodymium magnet in the base of the key fob simply snaps on to the back of your phone, allowing it to stand up in both portrait and landscape views. 

The cool thing about Stikey is at the base of the packaging is a second magnetic mount that lets you mount your phone to any flat surface and not just the key fob. So you can snap your phone onto a wall, the fridge, even the dashboard of your car. 

Not content on just doing one thing well Stikey is as versatile as it is portable, It’s clip shape design also lets it double as a cord organiser so you can wrap up your charging cables and take them with you too.  Made from soft-touch TPU plastic in a matte finish, the Stikey is available in a range of colors, and can be snapped up for under twenty dollars.

Stikeys keychain friendly design means you you’ll always have it on hand, or on wall, or on dash, or on.. 





cool magnetic stand   stikey diagram

stikey fridge mount

Stikey function

stikey headphones wrap

Stikey ipad stand

Stikey key fob

Stikey key magnet

Stikey kickstand featured

Stikey kickstand

stikey magnetic stand

Stikey stainless steel mount

stikey fridge


Stikey wall



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