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All posts tagged: magnets

Flyte Levitating bulb

Floating freely above it’s wooden base, the Flyte levitating light hovers as though by magic. Seemingly defying Isaac Newton’s law of universal gravitation, flyte is actually following all the rules. In this science and art mashup, flyte takes full advantage of Tesla’s ‘magic bag of tricks’. [box type=”blank”  class=”border-dashed2″] How it works In order to stay

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cool magnetic phone stand by Stikey

This cool kick-stand for your phone uses neodymium magnets to let you attach it to any flat surface.  The design uses a wafer thin stainless steel tab (.8mm) that you attach to your phone with 3M’s incredibly strong VHB tape (The same tape is used to secure go pros to skydiving helmets). Once taped on,

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With only two legs, this hardwood upright organizer is designed to lean. A perfect storage idea for an entranceway the leaning loop has you covered for your coats, keys, gadgets, and shoes. At eye level, the magnetic header is a great place to write or pin To Dos, reminders, and bills or if your less

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‘Plank’ is a minimal floating wall shelf designed to live in the entranceway of your home, safeguarding your phone, wallet and keys. The floating shelf cleverly hides a magnetic strip on it’s underside, allowing keys to ‘hang’ in place without hooks. The floating shelf comes with everything you need to mount it to the wall,

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