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All posts tagged: diy

Weather for cozy homes or modern ateliers, this hanger is the perfect solution for organizing clothes or accessories. Total cost would be around 10 dollars even less if you have secondhand non wanted ladders around. You may also improve this tutorial by coloring or frosting the main construction of hanger.

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Looking for a table that fits wherever you want it? Snap let’s you turn any relatively flat surface into a free standing table. A colourful modular system that is as easy to pull apart as it is to put together. When it’s set up it can bear a load of upto 154lbs (70kg). Snap works

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An airline hostess is barely a cocktail artist. This carry-on cocktail kit lets you turn one mini bottle of bourbon into two old fashioned cocktails. In the silver tin you will find; A refillable bottle of aromatic bitters Four raw cane sugar packets Stainless steel bar spoon with muddler 4″ x 4″ linen napkin Cocktail

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