Word Notebooks - better to do lists

Stop surfing the app store for productivity apps, we have a solution that may seem a little old school but it won’t run out of battery and it won’t make you sign into Facebook. 

Word. Notebooks are the creation of some well known ‘Online’ publishers (Coolmaterial & incredible things among them) who recognized the need for some ‘Offline’ direction. 

First off, visually the notebooks are striking.  The notebooks are meant to be archived/collected, so patterns are created in-house with the help of NJ designer Jennifer Chasteen.

Looks aside, the ‘hero’ feature of the notebooks lies in it’s unique bullet-point management system. Nested in the columns are feint circles, waiting to highlight your most important to dos.

  • fill in the little circle for your standard bullet point
  • Circle the bigger circle for tasks that hold the highest priority (read:ASAP tasks)
  • Strike once for tasks in motion
  • Strike twice and you’ve crossed it off your list.

Printed in a warm yet subtle grey ink the well spaced ruling pairs well with the clean white of the paper, which lends clarity to your overview when list making. 

The notebooks fully recycled stock is slightly weightier than ‘feildnotes’ and is friendly to biros, gel pens and pencils.  Stylish, functional, and compact, coming in at 5.5” x 3.5 you will have no excuse to not carry them on you at all times. Best of all at 48 pages in length they travel in packs of three so you’ll have roughly 280 lists to start writing.

So be smart, pack away your smart device and order your life by ordering your first set of Word. notebooks from [ here ] or at [ amazon ].









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