9 fidget toys that won’t stress you out.

9 fidget toys for anxiety that won’t stress you out.


This is our roundup of the top sensory fidget toys to ease your anxiety you can buy right now! Direct your stress straight out through your hands. Using attention directing techniques to control the senses, you can boost your creativity and focus by fiddling with the following trinkets. It’s working…


Bent Cargo Basket


Bent Basket is a clean minimal bicycle basket designed to carry whatever cargo you might need to move. Crafted from pressed ash wood, this weatherproofed basket has gone under the same manufacturing process as a skateboard and is as durable while only adding two pounds to your ride. Four thick…


Illustrated Playing Cards by ‘playing arts


These illustrated playing cards bring the talents of 55 artists and designers together into one rather eclectic, yet incredible art project.  The project’s unique take on the standard themed deck is they have allowed each artist to have completely free reign over their design, creating art that expresses their own…


Batteriser – makes any battery last longer.


Batteries never seem to last long, it doesn’t matter whether you chose the longest lasting batteries off the shelf. Unfortunately batteries have this problem that when their output drops below 1.3v they might as well be dead. The devices they are plugged into simply can’t draw power out of them…


Turn your handwriting into a font


We live in a digital age now where good penmanship is dead, and touch typing is in. Now choosing your handwriting consists of scrolling through a bunch of truetype fonts listed alphabetically in a dropdown box. There’s no stopping it, but now there is a way you can save your…

cool magnetic phone stand by Stikey

Stikey – Cool Magnetic Phone Stand


This cool kick-stand for your phone uses neodymium magnets to let you attach it to any flat surface.  The design uses a wafer thin stainless steel tab (.8mm) that you attach to your phone with 3M’s incredibly strong VHB tape (The same tape is used to secure go pros to…


The Penxo Lead Pencil.


The Penxo lead pencil is a sleek minimal design that reimagines the conventional mechanical pencil as we know it.  With no moving parts, Penxo’s brushed metal design clamps around the point of a 2mm lead by creating pivotal tension, which secures the lead preventing it from sliding out. Lead can be…