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Word Notebooks - better to do lists

Stop surfing the app store for productivity apps, we have a solution that may seem a little old school but it won’t run out of battery and it won’t make you sign into Facebook.  Word. Notebooks are the creation of some well known ‘Online’ publishers (Coolmaterial & incredible things among them) who recognized the need for some

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Wooden Macbook Case in black walnut.

Offering geometric contouring, this look has been created by laser cutting premium wood veneer. After the cutting process, each wooden MacBook case is then sanded down and oiled by hand to create a smooth finish that highlights the grain of the wood giving every piece its own individual look. The sleeve is then lined with premium

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Cool keyring

These unconventional contour key rings by designer Karl Zahn are shaped from 10 gauge brass wire and screw clasp. The oversize ring won’t suit everyone, but it’s clean minimal style looks sharp. The contour key ring holds in your keys in four styles: Hoop, Drop, Bell and Bend. If you’re looking for something in the

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With the advent of super efficient LEDs, the flashlight handle is a relic from yesteryear. No longer required to house giant batteries, VSSL have figured out a way to fill the empty space. The VSSL Flask light will emit 20hrs of light while in super bright mode, or 40 hours in dim or SOS mode,

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macbook pro stickers

MacBook Pro stickers are usually hilarious, but FindFun’s macbook stickers are designed to make your MacBook fit in with your own personal style. FindFun’s range varies, from Cath Kidston wallpaper to watercolour camouflage vinyls. These decals cover the macbooks entire unibody, including the keyboard and can be removed fairly easily without leaving residue. Their decal

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don't procrastinate

The guys at goodf-ndesignadvice might have a case of potty mouth, but their taglines and catchphrases are grounded by some pretty solid wisdom. If you’re not easily offended click below to check out their webstore.  $16 USD   CHECK IT OUT  

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fish tank herb garden

AquaFarm lets you create your very own ecosystem, with your very own fish tank herb garden. Aquaponics, the science behind the water garden, is the relationship between aquaculture ( fish cultivation) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil), it allows good bacteria to convert toxic ammonia-rich fish poop into nitrates, which provides the plants the nutrients

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macbook cord organizer

Powerplay is a macbook cord organizer designed to keep your cables tucked away even while in use. Handmade by, the organizer is made up of an elastic strap and organic leather reel. Simply fit the elastic strap around your adapter, shape your cable into a U-shape to avoid strain on the charger, then wrap

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Cartoon School Bags

These cartoon school bags by jumpfrompaper offer a window into the world of the surreal. Anyone old enough to remember “Who framed Roger Rabbit” will appreciate this non-postproduction trick. Imagined by Taipei based designers, Rika Lin and Chay Su, these 2d creations are made to look as though they have come straight off the paper, and with

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bonded field case

The Bonded field case has been crafted from water resistant bonded canvas and a heavy brass zipper, that will ensure your passport, tickets and non-negotiables in one safe place when travelling. The folio details multiple pockets, and comes with a Best Made Famous Red Notebook and set of their pencils Or you could use it as a

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