µPeek – The Pocket Microscope


For many people, hands-on experience with the field of microscopy is limited to classrooms at their elementary or high schools, and for very few is a microscope part of everyday life. Scrona, a tech company based in Zurich, Switzerland, is aiming to change that with µPeek, a microscope that fits…

us bitcoin debit card

Shift Card – the first U.S. Bitcoin debit card


Have you ever thought that someday you’d be able to pay for your groceries, your gas or even your morning coffee with Bitcoin? Well, ‘someday’ might not be as far away as you think. The whole concept of Bitcoin may not be crystal clear to everyone, and nobody knows exactly…

Libratone Loop – The color swap speaker


Libratone is a Scandinavian audio company that makes speakers, and not just your regular plastic box speaker that you only buy in black or white.  The Loop is a stylish free-standing speaker with a portable circular design and with a mere diameter of 13 inches the loop has a surprising…